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    Beneteau Oceanis 40

    Annapolis, Maryland, Stati Uniti

    Looking for additional partners to buy into ownership of the listed boat. A good match is a person who enjoys sailing, takes pride in ownership, but is value conscious and not willing(able) to commit 150K+ to 100% boat ownership.  The boat is currently owned by an LLC. The price  is negotiable and a good personal fit is a priority. After paying an agreed upon fee, the governing documents will be updated to reflect your ownership share. Your feedback on ownership terms will be considered and can be updated as part of the transaction. Max total owners is four. Save up to 75% on acquisition and annual maintenance. Have sufficient access to take a week-long charter (or “change of pace” week-long liveaboard/remote work) every month on a great boat! Here is the case for why this model represents the BEST COST TO VALUE RATIO: CASE AGAINST INDIVIDUAL BOAT OWNERSHIP (Unless you are liveaboard or active cruiser) - Most wholly owned boats sit unused the majority of the time. You spend 150K + yearly maintenance and sail a few days a month -- Expensive and Underutilized! - If you have 150K in disposable savings that you can’t think of any other way to spend, don’t read further. Go ahead and wholly buy any of the beautiful boats on this site. CASE AGAINST FRACTIONAL ACCESS COMPANIES - Most importantly, they OVERSELL each boat up to 8 users. It is nearly impossible to get exclusive extended access to a boat - good luck trying to schedule 5 or more consecutive days. - You don’t own the boat, just rent access. While they take on maintenance, after five years of fractional renting, you spend as much money as you do on your share of boat ownership. However, with ownership, you can sell your share and recoup some of the initial expenditure.   DON’T JUST SAIL THE SAME 50 NAUTICAL MILE RADIUS !!!  (CASE FOR OWNERSHIP VS CHARTERING VS FRACTIONAL ACCESS) - We think chartering, especially in beautiful/unique destinations, is complimentary to partial ownership in the Chesapeake. (While we love the Chesapeake, it does not offer the samet things as BVI or Croatia).- However, Chartering and Fractional ownership limits you to a certain sailing radius, since you must come back to base. - If your Fractional Boat access is in Annapolis, you will probably NEVER sail South Chesapeake or anywhere East Coast US. - With partial boat ownership, we are considering moving the boat to new locations within Chesapeake or New England in incremental hop, to explore new areas.  (Taking the boat South typically requires bigger hops, so need to figure out logistics, if this is viable) 

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