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Moonride Runabout 43 OB

Prodotto da:

Moonride Yachts

Dragonara Business Centre
5th Floor, Dragonara Road
St Julian's
+356 77774341

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Marca Moonride
Modello Runabout 43 OB
Anno 2022
Stato Nuovo
Prezzo Su richiesta
Tipo Motore
Classe Barca a motore da crociera
Lunghezza 14.02 m
Materiale scafo Vetroresina
Lunghezza totale 12.78 m
Lunghezza al galleggiamento 11.48 m
Pescaggio massimo 1.6 m
Pescaggio minimo 0.74 m
  • Tendalino rigido
Equipaggiamenti Elettrici
  • Presa corrente a terra
  • Generatore
  • Invertitore
  • Ecoscandaglio
  • Radar
  • Log - Contamiglia
  • Radar Detector
  • Stazione vento
  • Computer di bordo
  • Ripetitore(i)
  • TV
  • Centro di Navigazione
  • VHS
  • Plotter
  • Lettore di DVD
  • Pilota automatico
  • Radio
  • Bussola
  • Lettore di CD
  • GPS
  • Altoparlanti pozzetto
  • VHF
Equipaggiamenti interni
  • Seakeeper
  • Elica di manovra poppa
  • Elica di prua
  • Pompa di sentina elettrica
  • Forno
  • Pompa di sentina manuale
  • Microonde
  • Compressore
  • Aria condizionata
  • WC elettrico
  • Riscaldamento
  • Acqua calda
  • Frigorifero
  • Dissalatore
  • Congelatore
  • Pompa per acqua di mare
  • Caricabatterie
Dotazioni Esterne
  • Pozzetto teck
  • Doccia di pozzetto
  • passavanti in teak
  • Passerella
  • Gruette
  • Passerella idraulica
  • Tender
  • Autogonfiabile
  • Cuscineria pozzetto
  • Tavola di pozzetto
  • Scaletta di bagno
Cabine 2
Doppio Ancoraggio 2
Locale WC /bagni 1
Serbatoio carburante 1 x 600 litri
Serbatoio acqua 1 x 300 litri



The Moonride Runabout 43 OB is an exclusive and elegant boat mainly dedicated to day excursions or short cruises: a yacht with an aggressive character, masked by a classic lay-out with modern ideas.

Two souls,
innovative and sporty

The boat has a well-proportioned narrow hull with a deep V, which enhances its marine and sporting qualities. Internally there is a cabin that can be transformed into a lounge area and a large bathroom. The Runabout 43 OB is a villa tender with a strong but balanced design, ideal for sea lovers.


An access hatch for the anchor locker is located at the bow. A bow settee with a central teak table and telescopic support is located sternwards from the locker, which can be used, if necessary , as a sundeck. The settee cn comfortably accomodate six people. The area can be shaped by removable awning, easy to operate and which can be stowed away in dedicated recess.

Two walkways, one ow which is raised, allow access to stern. the wheelhouse is located in the central part of the vessel and can accomodate 3 people. the floor platform is adjustable in height for optimum steering position.

The wheelhouse is protected by a windshield with a carbon fibre structure and a T-Top, also made of carbon fibre, which is supported by steel pillars. The windshield glass is double, so that by sliding can close the gap between the windshield and the T-Top providing grate protection from wind.

The kitchen cabinet is located aft of the wheelhouse. The cabinet is equipped with a fridge, a glass ceramic hob, sink, drawers, shelves for storage and dustbin compartment. Top and front doors are made in teak.

A settee, integrated with sundeck, is located aft of the kitchen cabinet. A folding table integrated into the side wall serves the settee.

A walkway to the left of the sundeck leads to the stern platform, which can hold a 2.3 meter tender.  tender lift is facilitated by use of carbon fibre derrick. The stern platform is equipped with a swim ladder and a retractable gangway.

Interiors (1 or 2 cabins version)

The cabin can be accessed from the port side deck, through a seagull wing hatch. A convertible sofa-bed and a height adjustable tea table are located in the foremast part of the cabin. Storage spaces are located along the sides of the sofa-bed and there is a large wardrobe at half length. A TV is hidden bow-wards from the wardrobe behind a panel.

The bathroom is located astern of the cabin and it can be accessed through a door located amidship. Various furnishing solutions of choice are offered also fo the bathroom area.

Various layout depending on the client's choice are available. 

Vessel Outboards configuration can include a second cabin layout.


The Runabout 43 is equipped with a patented shape planning hull.

The PDP (Powered Dynamic Pressure) system is composed by longitudinal steps which route air under the hull and harness the water pressure in a reduced lifting area improving the hull efficiency and conveying the wake through the stern of the hull.

the longitudinal steps also serve as rails enhancing manoeuvrability, performance and course keeping of the boat, increasing the ventilating of the hull with the increase of speed.

With the same hull geometry, displacement and propulsion system, the PDP  system increases the performance of the vessel, reducing fuel consumption.

Construction Techniques

Fully infused with epoxy resins.

Infusion is a lamination technique in which the ratio of impregnation of the fabrics is 1.5 times the traditional one. the infusion procedure allows to obtain a lighter product by approximately 35% and a higher load resistance.

the result of infusion is a much more compact, durable and lightweight product, improving the technical features of the final product.


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Prodotto da:

Moonride Yachts

Dragonara Business Centre
5th Floor, Dragonara Road
St Julian's
+356 77774341

Visualizza tutti i modelli

Prodotto da:

Moonride Yachts

Dragonara Business Centre
5th Floor, Dragonara Road
St Julian's
+356 77774341

Visualizza tutti i modelli



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