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Cannes, 06400

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Modello 43
Anno 2015
Stato Nuovo
Prezzo Su richiesta
Tipo Motore
Classe Mega Yacht
Lunghezza 43 m
Tipo di carburante Diesel
Materiale scafo Composito
Ubicazione Italia
Status fiscale Tassa non pagata
Lunghezza totale 43 m
Lunghezza al galleggiamento 35 m
Baglio 8 m
Pescaggio massimo 1 m
Pescaggio minimo 2 m
Dislocamento 190000 kg
Tipo motore Entrobordo
{Engine} Marca MTU
{Engine} Modello 16V 4000 M90
Tipo di carburante Diesel
{Engine} Anno 2015
Tipo di trasmissione Direct Drive
Posizione motore Porto
Tipo motore Entrobordo
{Engine} Marca MTU
{Engine} Modello 16V 4000 M90
Tipo di carburante Diesel
{Engine} Anno 2015
Tipo di trasmissione Direct Drive
Posizione motore Tribordo
Velocità massima 30 kn
Velocità di crociera 24 kn @ 2100 RPM
Raggio 700 nmi
Designer Federico Fiorentino
Cantiere Eurocraft
Certificazione Certificazione CE
Cabine 5
Doppio Ancoraggio 2
Locale WC /bagni 5
Serbatoio carburante 1 x 35000 litri
Serbatoio acqua 1 x 2500 litri
Serbatoio acque nere 1 x 1000 litri
Forma scafo V profondo
Mulinello Mulinello elettrico


This yacht has two main engines and two propellers and it is a development of earlier units built for the mercantile and pleasure boats markets. Her main characteristics are noticeable sea-keeping together with a good cruising speed and outstanding manoeuvrability in restricted waters.
Hull and superstructure’s designs together with internal subdivision to follow the General Arrangement Plan.

The above mentioned design may be slightly modified to satisfy various requests such as ducts, cable trunks, air conditioning trunks and to allow an improved distribution of internal areas.
The hull and the superstructure will be of aluminum-magnesium alloy, entirely welded; the structure of the hull has been designed to withstand rough sea conditions with four watertight bulkheads.
Type of vessel: hard chine hull, V bottom, transom stern with stair, flat keel, flaring bow.
Interiors: Owner’s suite on main deck, four double cabins or two double cabins and one VIP cabin, and crew cabins on lower deck as per General Arrangement Plan.
Weight reduction: During the whole building process, all dimensions and thickness indicated, as well as the equipment specification will be strictly followed in order to reduce weight as much as possible.

All accommodation, galley, laundry and the wheelhouse are to be air conditioned. The air conditioning installation is to be designed and supplied as an integrated package including all machinery, air handling units, ducting, outlets and controls. All air conditioning and chilled water system components including: fan coil units, isolating and balancing valves, heater, etc. are to be installed to allow easy access for maintenance. Where such components are installed behind accommodation lining, access hatches are to be provided.

The yacht and her equipment will be suitable for environmental and weather conditions usually found in tropical waters.


Main features:

 Length overall: 43.00m
 Waterline length: 35.65m
 Max beam: 8.00m
 Moulded depth: 3.70m
 Summer draught: 1.30m
 Moulded displacement mass: 190t
 Maximum speed: 30 knots
 Fuel capacity: 35.000L
 Fresh water capacity: 2.500L
 Black and grey water 1.000L
 Engines: 2 x MTU 16V 4000 M90 2720 kW @2100 rpm
 Reduction gears: 2 x ZF BW 7555 red. 2.954:1
 Bow thruster: Hydrosystems 74 kW hydraulic
 Stabilizers: 4 x VT Naiad Marine 525 blade 2.33 m 2
 Generators: 2 x Cummins Onan 80MDDCJ 80 kW 50 Hz

The yacht will have accommodation for up to 10 passengers and 6 crew members.
Rules and classification: The vessel, including its machinery, equipment and outfitting, is to be constructed, equipped and certified to comply with the Laws, Regulations, Rules and Conventions listed in the following sections and all amendments and additions thereto in force at the date of signing the Contract.

It is to be understood that anything not mentioned in this outline specification but required by the Classification Society or Regulatory Bodies is to be provided by the Builder.
The vessel is to be constructed under survey of Lloyd's Register (LR) to obtain the class notation: LR - 100 A1 SSC LMC UMS G6 and it will be compliant to MCA Rules, possibly Short Range under 300 GT.

The vessel is to be provided with a twin screw installation of adequate power to achieve the following performances, with clean hull and propellers and weather conditions up to and including Beaufort Force 2:

 maximum speed (at half load displacement): 26 knots
 cruising speed: 24 knots
 range: 700NM

The range shall be calculated at half load displacement with both main engines in operation and one generator at normal sea load with crew and guest areas air conditioning running.



The choice of the following items will be made among the samples suggested by the Builder:
• Marbles
• Soft furnishings, fabrics, drapery
• Woods
• Carpeting
• Leathers
• Taps
• Handles, hinges and slides for furni-ture and doors
• Bathroom accessories
• Lights etc.
• Linens
• Towels
• Dinner set
• Kitchen households

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